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Making CVMFS work better on laptops

When using cvmfs on a laptop you're likely to encounter intermittent network issues as you travel or just some (really!) bad eduroam setups. With this in mind you should make some changes to cvmfs in order to make the experience more pleasent. You should be able to add these lines

Provisioning a CERN openstack instance for LHCb work

OK, first I'm writing this assuming you've got a CERN VM. ( if you've not done this there are lots of guides on what to do elsewhere. e.g. or:

Setting up a mbsync folder to sync gmail to local dovecot server

First install the isync package for mbsync: apt-get install isync For the email I would create the folder: mkdir -p ~/GMail/bob If you've enabled 2 factor security on google or equivalent you will need to investigate: This 'reduces' the


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